Expressive Arts serve as a strategy of healing and therapy for everyone and for all ages.
Art is a personal expression and creating art reduces daily life stress.
Creating art also addresses those individuals who experience short-term or chronic illness, trauma, grief, anxiety, short-term and long-term hospitalization, relationship challenges, depression and/or challenges in living and much more. Creating art is a means of positive personal development and reflection. The process of creating art provides emotional and mental states of being focused and feeling grounded, instills mindfulness and increases awareness of self and others and serves as an effective coping tool and enhances cognitive abilities.

Individuals do not need to have artistic ability or special talent to participate in art as a modality of healing art as therapy, and people of all ages including children, teens, and adults can benefit from it. Some research suggests that just the presence of art can play a part in boosting mental health. If you’re human- art is your friend and can lend a helping hand.

We provide- in-person, virtual and one-on-one and groups art healing sessions.
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